Living Well

Posted on: May 6, 2012

Source of Inspiration

I pour hot water over tea leaves
and watch the alchemy begin. An
initial surge of golden brown
swirls out, then slowly it
slips into other drops transforming
water into a morning ritual of
savored delight.

I hold my favorite blue cup with
the chip on the rim; my fingers,
chilled by sunrise air, find comfort
in its warmth. Slowly I take that
first sip, cautious that it does not burn.
An inward ahhhhhh announces its
perfection as the honey flavored tea
rests on my tongue before I
reluctantly swallow.

So simple, this pleasure, yet I
used to waste it by gulping down
the tea as I dashed around, “getting
ready.” Finally I learned to get
ready by taking each moment slowly,
fully aware of it potential for pleasure.

I ripped from my dictionary the page that
listed “multi-tasking,” knowing I no
longer need to fall into that lie of…

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